Sabian Announces New Branding at NAMM 2019

Sabian Announces New Branding at NAMM 2019

What’s With The New Sabian Logo? See the Sabian Press Release below:

Things are changing around here. We announced a new brand direction at the NAMM show this January. We have a new logo, a new look, and an attitude adjustment.

We’ve zeroed in on why every hammer stroke matters, and why creating new sounds are so important to us. It is because we are a company of drummers that are never satisfied. We are always on the search for the next sound because we know, as a drummer, you are not interested in following the masses – we know that you’re focused on your sound, your own unique style, and ultimately, your love of drumming.

As drummers, we see ourselves as different than other musicians: we will accept nothing less than authenticity; we have an emotional connection to our gear, and our playing – let’s face it – at times we can be a bit unhinged. At SABIAN we celebrate this and while other brands are stuck in their tradition and legacy as a company – we are focused on your future as a drummer.

So what does all this mean?

It’s not just a new logo: it’s us tapping into the unbound, ‘don’t-care-what-others-think’ philosophy drummers live by. It means we will never compromise or ask permission, that we will continue to make cymbals that are unique, and we will always be looking for the next sound. It means we treat our cymbals as living metal, allowing them to age and mature. It means we celebrate independence and dissonance. Most of all, it means we know you, the drummer makes the music, and that is why we exist.

Chris Turner  – Unbound


“Drummers are like no others. We greet each other with a hug, we share, we are emotionally and artistically aware, and we get our whole mind and body involved in our creative expression. At SABIAN, we not only understand that–we live it. Our energy is part of every cymbal we craft, and that’s reflected in our new logo and our commitment to remain Unbound. That energy helps drummers express themselves creatively like nothing else can.” –Andy Zildjian, SABIAN President

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