zipPay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free payment solution powered by zipMoney Payments. zipPay gives you the ability to buy now, and pay later for purchases – without a credit card. Once approved, you get access to a new shopping account you can pay back with total flexibility over time. It’s simple to use and specifically designed to help you manage your online spending.

Forget endless form fields and entering your credit card details with every purchase. Each time you check out with zipPay, simply sign into your account using the same method used when you signed up and confirm your purchase – simple.

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident, who is 18 years or older.

When creating an account, we may perform identity and/or credit checks to verify the customer and their ability to manage payments. These checks are carried out in accordance with the Privacy Acknowledgment.

With zipPay there are no establishment fees to setup your account, and no interest applied on your purchases.

zipPay gives you the ability to buy now and have until the end of the following month from your date of purchase, to make a payment.

At the end of each month you can choose to either:

Pay off your previous months’ Statement Balance in full and you’ll pay nothing extra.


Need more time to pay? Simply make a payment that suits your budget (a minimum repayment of at least $40 per month required). A single $6 service fee will be added to your account for any month you have an outstanding balance, regardless of how many purchases you make.

If your available zipPay funds do not cover the full cost of the purchase, you will be prompted to make a co-payment before completing the purchase.

Customers’ will be prompted to use their card for the co-payment before the purchase is completed.

Yes. All customers are eligible for a credit limit increase after 6 months of activity on the account. A good repayment history would be beneficial to a credit limit increase assessment.

zipPay is an online shopping account that can be used for repeat purchases at any store that accepts zipPay. Any available funds on the account can be used for additional purchases.